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Time To Wake Up

She walked into the room to gather her stuff to get ready for the day and of course, to wake up her sleepyhead girlfriend. She walked straight to the dresser right in front of the door. The room was small but at least there was room for all their essentials. Her back faced the bed and the occupant whose head still rested comfortably on her pillow. 

She had been up for at least two hours while the other dozed away. They had a busy day ahead of them. Both finally having the same day off at the same time, they had decided to meet up with some friends to grab a bite to eat and who knows. But they had some house errands to run before that, too.

She knew her girlfriend liked to sleep for as long as she could on her days off.  She did too, of course, but she felt the need to get stuff done that day.  She had let her girlfriend sleep-in knowing she got home a bit late last night.

She set herself busy picking out her outfit of the day. Breakfast was already eaten, shower already taken and make-up already done. All that was left was getting dressed; doing her hair and getting the love of her life all set and showered, ready to go within the hour. She would have prepared breakfast for her while the other was getting ready. Once her clothes were set, she looked into the mirror that was hanging off the closet door trying to decide what she should do with her hair. After a few minutes of hard looking she decided to just wait until she actually had her clothes on. It was always easier to set a hairstyle once you knew what your outfit looked like on you. But it was time to wake up that bum, although she meant it in the most loving way.

Finally turning around and facing her girlfriend, she was greeted by a very cute sight. Mouth slightly agape, light snoring, barely-there eyebrow in a state of relaxation… Oh God, she was just too cute sometimes for her own good.

She wondered why the other hated acting cute, but then again she guessed when you had people telling you that you were cute all the time even at the age of 24 and they acted as though you were 12, it could get annoying. Despite that though, she knew her girlfriend didn’t mind when she said it, even going as far as showing aegyo because she knew it made her happy. She smiled. She loved her so much and couldn’t ask for anything more in the world. Everything with her around was just on the side of perfect. She walked closer to finally shake her awake, bending forward. Oh gosh she is just so cute.

She had wished she could let her sleep longer but things had to get done so she needed to get her ass up and out of bed. If she didn’t wake her up, she would be spending the whole day or at least until 3pm by herself. And that was not going to happen. As she stretched her hand forward to shake her awake, she stopped mid-way, something catching her eye. It seemed that during the last few hours of sleep, her girlfriend’s tank top had shifted so that her left breast was poking out from the armhole. She stared for a second, wondering why the one asleep wore such an oversized shirt when she was so small in physique. But then again, comfort was always important. That train of thought quickly derailed from its tracks. Something else stung in the back of her mind.

I couldn’t, could I? I mean, really, wasn’t that just too much? But she wouldn’t know, she’s sleeping. So it won’t be such a bad thing. Its so cute and yummy, it’s a little perked from the cold. Such a lovely light brown…

She inwardly sighed, when she felt the twinge.

Screw it! I'll do it quickly then wake her up.

She placed her had firmly on the mattress on her girlfriend’s left side. Leaning forward, she hesitated looking up towards her girlfriends face, just double-checking, making sure she was asleep. Thank god she was. She turned back to the mission at hand, her smile border-lining on predatory. She blew lightly, watching as goose bumps appeared on the pale milky skin, nipple rising just a little. She waited to see if her girlfriend would stir. Nothing. Eyes shut tight; she stuck her tongue out flat, brushing her nipple slowly. She loved just the feel of it against her tongue. She couldn’t take it; her lips wrapped around it, the nipple growing hard as soon as it was engulfed inside the warmth of her mouth. She hummed-- happy. She loved her girlfriend's breast very much and getting in a sneaky taste filled her with excitement. She suckled them lightly. Just a few seconds more and she would stop. She swore she would and then she'd wake her up and that'll be that. With all the flicking with the tip of her tongue and nibbling, a small amount of satisfaction was released from Tiffany.

Her girlfriend twitched a little. One hard suck to many, Taeyeon’s eyes fluttered open, wondering why she had the urge to moan. She looked down just to make sure she wasn't doing anything funny, only to see Tiffany attached to her breast like a vacuum. She swallowed another moan. Holy fuck. It was obvious that Tiffany was too busy to notice that she was up. She smirked. It was an excellent time for teasing."Well I really wouldn't mind being woken up like this everyday." So much mirth laced her voice. Oh boy. This is going to be fun. Tiffany stopped as soon as the words left Taeyeon’s lips.

Fuck, damn, shit. She had been caught. Damn it Hwang. She screamed in her head. Play it cool. She detached herself from Taeyeon.  A small popping noise was heard in the otherwise quiet room. She pushed herself back into standing position.  She couldn’t help but notice how hard she had made Taeyeon’s nipple and how it almost looked bruised. She was proud but now was not the time to show it.

Taeyeon was staring at her the whole time, smirk plastered on her face. Oh this is going to be good.

Tiffany stood up straight and looked Taeyeon right in the eyes.

Play it cool Hwang. "Come on time to get up" she said sternly. "You slept long enough we have things to do."

"No." Taeyeon said a matter-of-factly.

"No?" Tiffany shouldn't have pressed on. She should just walk away and she knew it.


"What do you mean no? Come on we have things to do." She wanted to throw a tantrum but that was only going to add fuel to the fire.

"Finish." Taeyeon raised an eyebrow. She had her oh-boy-did-she-have-her expression and Tiffany knew it.

"Oh come on Tae we don’t have time for this. We have to go." She rolled her eyes. This was definitely not part of her plan for the day. Damn her and her hormones.

"Oh no, finish what you started. You can't just suck on me like that and not finish."

"Arghh Taeyeon, not now.” She stomped her foot and threw her hands in the air. “Ok, fine, you caught me but we have things to do so get the hell out of bed."

"Nope. Finish. I'm not moving until I'm done panting your name." Though at any other time, this would have been a huge turn on for Tiffany--which it still kind of was-- she had been caught and was now embarrassed. She just wanted to leave and get a move on.

"Taeyeon please come on I'll do whatever you want later. You know if we start this, we won't leave in time." She huffed. Damn it.

Taeyeon thrust her hand in between Tiffany’s slightly parted legs, cupping her pussy and giving it a forceful tug. Tiffany moaned at the sudden aggression and fell forward. Using her hand to hold her up, she pushed intensely so she wouldn’t crush Taeyeon.

"Now come on Fany, mouth back where it was and hand down my pants. You can't get me all wet and expect me to go all day feeling like this. It’s not fair." She pulled at Tiffany harder, making the other girl's knees go weak. Taeyeon let go and slid in her hand inside Tiffany’s shorts, then repeated her actions. Tiffany was moaning loudly, no matter how much she was internally trying to resist. "Come on you want this too. I'll fuck you if you fuck me." She beamed the cutest smile up at her girlfriend, causing the girl to glare down at her with fiery daggers.

Tiffany growled lowly. Given if it was any other time, Taeyeon may have backed off from Tiffany but this was too much fun for her to stop. She could see Tiffany’s lip curl up as she growled. It was exhilaratingly hot for the petite girl. She watched as Tiffany lowered her mouth back to its previous position, slowly opening her mouth as she turned and looked directly at Taeyeon. "No." Taeyeon chuckled. This was certainly going her way.

She pushed her middle finger up, past Tiffany’s austral lips and pressed right against her clit. She tugged once more, catching Tiffany off guard. She watched as Tiffany let out a choked moan, her arm shaking trying with all her might to keep herself up. Tiffany breathed in deep, trying to steady herself. She could just pull Taeyeon’s hand out, but her body was far past that. She caved; she really wanted to do it anyway and she knew it. She took Taeyeon’s breast fully into her mouth and sucking as hard as she could. She loved it, every second of it. She was always happy with her girlfriend’s bust size, just because she was able to do this.

She looked Taeyeon dead in the eye. Lust, anger, and defiance flashed in her own. Taeyeon’s head flew back, arching her back just to get further into Tiffany’s mouth. She chuckled when Tiffany let go and went on to just sucking and biting on her nipple. It hurt a bit but she would deal. She watched as Tiffany switched hands, using her left hand to steady herself against the wall and her right made its way under the sheet, into her pants. Tiffany cupped Taeyeon with more aggression than her girlfriend and tugged on Taeyeon’s pussy fast and hard. Taeyeon bit her lip, adoring this little fight they were having.

"Such a little sexual deviant." Taeyeon moaned.

Tiffany released Taeyeon’s breast with a look of indignation across her face. "I am not a sexual deviant." She brought her index and middle finger and pulled hard on Taeyeon’s clit. A low hiss escaped Taeyeon as response.

"Oh, says the woman who I just caught molesting me in my sleep." She pushed two fingers inside of Tiffany knowing she was more than ready to take them. She watched as Tiffany’s head flew back, long neck extended and so sexy.

"Nagh, shut the fuck up Kim." She pushed three fingers into Taeyeon, her fucking smartass comments really pissing her off. God couldn’t she just have let this go and let her keep her pride? Noooooooo! She couldn’t! She had to be a fucking smart ass.

"Argh you started this Hwang, make sure next time, aaaah, nn-next time if you can’t finish something, don’t start it."

"Oooooh God, shut up Taeyeon." Tiffany couldn't stop pushing herself further on Taeyeon’s fingers. Her knees hit the edge of the bed. She couldn’t stand straight anymore. She was just feeling Taeyeon’s body except her finger. Just how much was this that was pissing her off. How hard Taeyeon was fucking her back, she couldn’t stop humping her hand.

"Fuck you Miyoung. You're the one that is moaning so loud. I’m sure the neighbors can hear you." She was egging her on, and boy was it paying off. She felt Tiffany ram into her hard-- Taeyeon’s hips coming up to meet her hand with every thrust. She wanted to pull Tiffany down to lay with her, but this view was so much better. Watching her thighs tremble, her forehead pressed against the wall. She was panting, chest heaving above her face. This was so much fun for them both. She felt Tiffany push in deeper, adding another finger, pulling at her while she was inside her. It wasn’t fair, so she added two more inside of Tiffany, earning her a punch against the wall. They have never gone this many deep with each but change could be a good thing.

"Then stop fucking me so hard and I wouldn’t moan so fucking loud you asshole." She was about to lose it and she felt Taeyeon was, too. Fuck. They still needed to get ready to go.

"Again you’re the one..." The moan that escaped Taeyeon almost hurt. "You’re the one adding fingers and being ultra aggressive."

"For the love of God Taeyeon, shut the fuck up already. Finish this and don’t make me cum. I showered already." Somewhere in the back of her head she knew that made no sense.

"I can’t promise that." She picked up speed and felt Tiffany match, both their walls tightening around fingers, bodies moving faster.

"You're such a fucking asshole."

"Yeah, sure I am." Taeyeon pressed her thumb hard on Tiffany’s clit. "Now what was that you were saying?" She rubbed it fast, yanking on Tiffany hard, making it look like she was pulling her onto the bed.

"Don't make me cum, aaanh." She shut her eyes tight trying to just concentrate on finishing off Taeyeon. She was sticky enough from sweating from all of this.

"I'm sorry what was that?"

"You fucking prick, nnaaaaaaah." Her voice went up an octave.  She slammed her fist against the wall. She couldn't stand for much longer. "Don’t..." She felt it building, oh god did she feel it. "Don’t make me cum Taeyeon." Every time she said it, Taeyeon just pushed in further. "Oh fuck you don’t make me cum." She was chanting it now, in place of her usual willingness for the opposite. She pushed her fingers in further inside of Taeyeon trying to distract and get her to stop. But Taeyeon wanted to prove a point. What the point was she has completely forgotten it by now. "Aaaaaaah Fuck! Don’t...."

Taeyeon felt Tiffany pull her in.

"Don’t make me."

Shit this was turning out really good.


Just a few more pulls.


Tiffany’s eyes shot open, spots forming before her. She nearly collapsed if it wasn’t for her knees pushing into the bed and her arm stiffing in place. She felt it shot out of her, so much it soaked right through her underwear and Taeyeon watched as her cum ran down her legs. Watching this and feeling Tiffany’s pussy sputter around her fingers set her off.

"OH FUCK OH FUCK." Her head dug deeper into her pillow as she forcefully clenched her own muscles around Tiffany’s fingers. She knew they were defiantly going to have to change the sheets after that.

The room stilled, heavy panting being heard from both women. Both were waiting for their breaths to catch, hearts to relax, and legs to stop shaking.

Slowly disengaging from each other, one final pop of fluids flowed that both would have like to have witnessed if the positions allowed.

"I told you not to make me cum. Fuck I have to shower again and do my makeup. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe!" Tiffany exclaimed, finally collapsing on top of Taeyeon, all her strength gone. She was pouting, hot and sticky, and not very happy. Taeyeon let out a grunt when Tiffany’s weight landed right on top of her chest. After catching her breath once more, Taeyeon used her clean hand to rub Tiffany’s head.

"Well I’m glad I did, I love that after sex glow look on you. And this is how I want to be woken up like from now on."

"Perv" was the muffled reply she got.

"Do we really need to go over again who the true perv is here today?"

"Ok. Ok. Fine." She finally looked up at Taeyeon, who was just smiling down lovingly at her. She loved her; she really did. A beep was heard from her watch, letting her know that the hour for them to leave the house was now. "Urgh fuck I knew we were going to be late some how." She stood up, all be it a bit wobbly; she still hadn’t gotten her land legs back.

"Hey this time it wasn’t my fault." Taeyeon sat up and threw her legs over the edge of the bed. Tiffany pulled her up to stand next to her.

"Yeah, yeah. Come on let’s go shower. We'll just have to rush everything to make it in time to meet up with the other girls."

"Yes honey, whatever you say." They walked out of the bed room towards the bathroom holding onto each for support.

"And no more funny business Kim."

"It wasn’t even me."

"Shut up."

"I love you, too."

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Oh my god! I have not even read yet, but I'm so glad you post a new story! You're a amazing author, I'm always looking foward your writing. Thank you very much! Now, I'll read it :D

Damn this is hot. Your story never fails to give me that feeling lol. Amazing.

Now this was hot and funny lol I love seeing the two of them enjoying it together, lots of fics just focus on who's topping meh haha thanx for this!

pd: i thought this was going to be fluff at first lol missed the rating

Ehehe ^______^ *creepy perv smile*

LOL this is hilarious! Love it!

loool tiffany here have a great logic,
this was good, welcome back
hope you write sooner

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